Disturbing Traces 2014-2017

The hostility of our environment is hardly apparent in obvious threats or signs of danger. In most cases, we can only sense its traces in a space unconsciously created out of the seemingly mundane objects we perceive and the context we put them in. Our anxiety is not fueled by the mere visual and tactile qualities of artifacts but by the stories they evoke. What made it look that way? What put it in this form? Whose intentions are hidden beneath and which events are about to unfold? The present of a scenery is no more than the catalyst of fear. Its heart-stopping and menacing reality always originates from the potential pasts and futures our experiences force us to conceive.

Life is Struggle 2014-2017

Every living creature is subjected to a constant struggle of resisting the adversities of its surroundings and of overcoming the alleged limitations of its physical and mental capabilities. We have no choice but to strive for integrity and independence by empowering ourselves from the shortcomings and defects that sometimes are so convincingly ascribed to us, that we have already integrated them in our identities. In our brightest moments, we manage to transcend our ability to act in the world as well as the way we are perceived by our environment beyond what suffices to survive towards something more closely related to a vibrant and self-determined idea of being alive. For the most part, however, we must make use of what little space is left for us to struggle in, after our daily routines have irresistibly taken their toll. Be it by displaying small signs of rebellion only visible to ourselves or by discovering empowerment and beauty in the profane places of our day to day lives.